I am used to be a part of the teams. Strong GIT skills. I am fluent english speaker and I prefer async communication methods if possible (and effective). I am familiar with code reviews, testing, merge/pull requests.

I work remotely for years.

I know how to quit Vim.


(Arch)Linux, Docker, GIT, PHP, JS, TypeScript, RabbitMQ, PHPUnit, HTML5, CSS (Bootstrap, SASS).

Relational databases (PostgreSQL, MySQL). SOLR, ElasticSearch.

Familiar with Jamstack: Hugo, Gatsby.

I also created few (native) Android apps.

other strengths

CI, CD, testing, code review, merge request, pull request, agile, SCRUM, emails, clicking, double clicking, ...

formal education

Bachelor's degree (applied computer science)

soft skills

Adaptation, improvisation.

I educate myself on the regular basis. Not using obsolete technologies for personal reasons.